Svobodny Thermal Power Plant comes onstream in Amur Region

  • The TPP will supply process steam and electricity to the Amur GPP.
  • Its design solutions provide the maximum reliability possible for energy supplies.
  • Domestic equipment and digital control system were used in the project.

The commissioning ceremony for the Svobodny TPP was held today in the town of Svobodny, Amur Region. The ceremony took place via a video link as part of the meeting of the Gazprom Board of Directors.

In the course of the event, supplies of process steam to the Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP) started for the purposes of start-up and commissioning. The GPP will become one of the world’s largest facilities in terms of gas processing (42 billion cubic meters per year). Gas will be supplied to the GPP via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline.

Director General of Gazprom Energoholding during video link

Director General of Gazprom Energoholding during video link

The main purpose of the Svobodny TPP is to provide the Amur GPP with thermal energy (steam) and electricity. Steam performs an important function across the GPP’s entire production chain: it is used as a heat carrier in heat exchangers and is required for both preheating feed gas and conducting the gas separation process.

The overall installed capacity of the TPP is 160 MW for power and 249 Gcal/h for heat.

Domestic equipment was widely used in the creation of the Svobodny TPP. This includes the core equipment: three power steam boilers, two steam turbine power units, and a single digital control and monitoring system.

The TPP’s design solutions provide the maximum reliability possible for energy supplies to the Amur GPP. Two dry cooling towers, which are required for cooling the water used in the process cycle, were winterized so as to protect their assemblies and equipment during extreme cold temperatures (in the area of Svobodny, temperatures can drop below minus 40 degrees Celsius).

Construction site of Amur Gas Processing Plant

Construction site of Amur Gas Processing Plant

A 220/110 kV switchgear and power transmission lines were built in order to transmit electricity from the Svobodny TPP to Russia’s Unified Energy System and further to the Amur GPP.

The TPP construction project was implemented in a very short period of time — about two years — considering the complex natural climatic conditions, the specifics of the construction site’s geological structure and its remoteness from equipment manufacturers, as well as the restrictions imposed due to the spread of the coronavirus infection.


In 2019, the Gazprom Group completed the ambitious investment program aimed at building new capacities under capacity supply agreements (CSAs). As many as 36 projects for the construction and upgrading of generating facilities with the aggregate installed capacity of about 9 GW were implemented under the CSA-based program.

The Svobodny TPP construction project is the first major project carried out outside of the scope of the CSAs.

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