PJSC Mosenergo is territorially the largest power generation company in Russian Federation and the largest heat producer in the world. PJSC Mosenergo includes 15 power plants operating with the installed electric capacity of 12.8 thousand МW. PJSC Mosenergo also comprises district and regional thermal plants and regional thermal power plants. The installed thermal capacity of the company is 43 thousand Gcal/h. Power plants of PJSC Mosenergo deliver over 60% of the power energy consumed in Moscow Region and meet about 90% of demand of Moscow in thermal energy.

PJSC MOEK provides centralized heating and hot water supply of the Russian capital city in the operation range of thermal power plants of Mosenergo, own sources of heat supply, and also other heat generation facilities, except for small local areas of heat supply from isolated departmental and corporate heat sources. The company and its subsidiaries also operate in several towns in neighboring Podmoskovye.

The Company’s activity includes transport, distribution and sales of heat energy, ensuring the operation and development of the centralized heat supply system and also heat energy generation.

PJSC MOEK is the operator of the longest heat power system in the world: the company operates over 16 440.1 km of heat-supply network, including cca 8 373,5 km of the main heat-supply network and 8 066,6 km of the distribution one. The company also operates over 10 thousand heat supply station.

PJSC MOEК operates 143 energy sources with the installed thermal capacity of 4.82 thousand Gcal/h.

The target model of development of the centralized heat supply system of Moscow is consolidation of all generation facilities of PJSC Mosenergo and heat networks into PJSC MOEK.

PJSC TGC-1 is the leading producer of power and heat energy in the Northwest region of Russia. It incorporates 53 power plants (including PJSC Murmansk Thermal Power Plant) in 4 regions of Russian Federation: St. Petersburg, Republic of Karelia, Leningrad and Murmansk regions. The distinctive feature of TGK-1 is a large share of hydro-generation in terms of installed capacity.

PJSC OGC-2 is one of the largest electric power generation companies in Russia, with the total installed capacity of 18.8 GW and the total thermal installed capacity of 3.9 thousand Gcal/h. The main activity area of the Company is production and sales of electric energy and capacity with delivery to the wholesale market, production of thermal energy and its sales to ultimate consumers. The power company includes 12 power plants: Kirishi State Regional Hydroelectric Power Plant, Krasnoyarsk State Regional Hydroelectric Power Plant-2, Novocherkassk State Regional Hydroelectric Power Plant, Pskov Regional Hydroelectric Power Plant, Ryazan State Regional Hydroelectric Power Plant, Serov State Regional Hydroelectric Power Plant, Stavropol State Regional Hydroelectric Power Plant, Surgut State Regional Hydroelectric Power Plant-1, Troitsk State Regional Hydroelectric Power Plant, Cherepovets State Regional Hydroelectric Power Plant, Adler TPP, Grozny TPP.

The company is formed as a result of merger of PJSC OGK-2 (previously — JSC OGK-2) and JSC OGK-6. Corresponding decisions were adopted by shareholders of the two companies at annual General Meetings on June 21, 2011. Corporate procedures on reorganization of JSC OGK-2 in the form of merger with JSC OGK-6 were completed on November 1, 2011.

Gazprom Energoholding Industrial Assets LLC is a specialized company of Gazprom Energoholding Group, created on September 27, 2019 for assets consolidation in the field of power engineering and providing service and maintenance based on a «single window» principle.

The company, integrating enterprises with unique history and experience, is a key player on the power equipment production and services market with necessary competences for implementation of technically complex goals of ensuring incident-free and efficient operation of companies in oil and gas, chemical, metallurgy and energy industries.

The company Gazprom Energoholding Serbia o.o.o. was created in 2015 (with Gazprom Energoholding Group owning 51 % of shares and NIS JSC Novi Sad owning 49 % of shares) for implementation of construction project of a modern, economically effective and environmental responsible thermal power plant with capacity of about 200 MW in Pancevo. Produced heat energy shall be used to cover the demand of the Pancevo Oil Refinery and the electric power shall be sold in Serbia and neighbouring countries.

CCPP Pancevo shall become the first steam-and-gas thermal power plant in Serbia powered by natural gas.

Putting the CCPP into operation is scheduled for 2020.