History of the Company


In April 2007, the Board of directors of PJSC Gazprom adopted the Strategy of the Company in electric power industry. The strategic target of electric power business development was defined to increase of capitalization of PJSC Gazprom by means of increasing in profitability of capital, optimization of fuel balance in the country and achievement of synergistic effect by connecting core gas business with electric power industry.

For the purposes of electric power activity area of Gazprom Group development, most notably acquisition of power generation companies’ shares and construction of new facilities were foreseen.

The Strategy included formation of a holding company for consolidation of electric power assets of Gazprom Group and Gazoenergeticheskaya Kompaniya LLC became such a company.


As a result of a reform of electric power industry of Russia and participation in additional issuance of shares of the power generation companies, Gazprom Group basically solved strategic tasks in terms of entering the electric power business.


In May 2009, within the framework of the second stage of reforming of PJSC Gazprom, in order to strengthen the brand of transnational corporation and to position Gazprom and its subsidiaries as a uniform company, which meets the world’s reliability standards, Gazoenergeticheskaya Kompaniya LLC was given a new name — Gazprom Energoholding LLC.

By the end of the year, Gazprom Energoholding consolidated controlling interests of JSC Mosenergo, JSC TGK-1, JSC OGK-2 and JSC OGK-6 and started these assets managing under the unified corporate standards.


In November 2011, the corporate procedures of reorganization of JSC OGK-2 in the form of merger with JSC OGK-6 were completed. The corresponding decisions were adopted by shareholders of the two companies at the Annual General Meetings on June 21, 2011.


In October 2012, Gazprom Energoholding LLC created a specialized company GEH Engineering LLC (before 2015 named Centrenergoinvest LLC) to ensure construction of power plants and render engineering services during implementation of investment projects.


On August 13, 2013, Gazprom Energoholding LLC was recognized as the winner of the auction sale of shares belonging to the city of Moscow: PJSC MOEК (89.9754 %) and movable and immovable assets rented by PJSC MOEK.


At the end of 2014, Gazprom Energoholding LLC consolidated on the basis of JSC Gazprom Energoremont the companies performing design, repair, construction, installation, equipment adjustment and maintenance works in the field of heat and power energy production.


On June 19, 2015 within the framework of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Shareholders’ Agreement was signed between JSC Centrenergoholding (part of Gazprom Energoholding Group) and NIS JSC. Novi Sad (Gazprom Neft Group) upon creating a company, Serbskaya Generaciya LLC Novi Sad, to implement a construction project of CCPP in Pancevo, the Republic of Serbia.

In order to manage implementation of the CCPP Pancevo construction project, a wholly owned subsidiary of this company was established with the name TE-TO Pancevo LLC Pancevo*.

CCPP Pancevo is the first project of Gazprom Energoholding Group being implemented outside of the Russian Federation, and the first combined steam-and-gas thermal power plant in Serbia.

* In 2019, under the decision of PJSC Gazprom, companies Serbskaya Generaciya LLC Novi Sad and TE-TO Pancevo LLC Pancevo were renamed into Gazprom Energoholding Serbia LLC and Gazprom Energoholding Serbia TE-TO Pancevo LLC.


On June 19, 2018, the Board of Directors of PJSC Gazprom adopted the company’s strategy in electric power industry for the period 2018–2027. The key strategic goal was determined to maintain a stable growth of profit while preserving a high level of reliability of energy supply to consumers. The updated strategy, in particular, assumes implementation of projects for creation of new generation capacities and upgrade of operating ones, and also shutdown of facilities, operation of which is economically unreasonable. Special attention is paid to further increase of operational efficiency, technological development and application of import-substituting equipment. Gazprom sets sights on diversification of electric power business by means of entering perspective markets in Russia and abroad.


In June 2019, by putting the second generating unit of Groznenskaya TPP into operation, Gazprom Energoholding completed the implementation of a large-scale investment program of construction and modernizatiojn of facilities with capacity of about 9 GW under power supply agreements. In total, 17 steam-and-gas power-generating units, 5 steam power units, 8 hydro-units and 6 gas turbine units were put into operation within the framework of the investment program.