Serbian specialists completed training program with Ansaldo turbines in Russia at the facilities of Gazprom energoholding Group

In April and May 2021, technical specialists of Gazprom energoholding Serbia TE-TO Pancevo (subsidiary of Gazprom energoholding Serbia) completed training program at Pervomayskaya CHPP of PJSC TGC-1 in St. Petersburg and Adlerskaya TPP of PJSC OGK-2 in Sochi (part of Gazprom energoholding Group).

These power plants have been operating Ansaldo gas turbines, similar to those installed at the CCPP Pancevo, for about 9–10 years. Experienced Russian experts introduced their Serbian colleagues to the technical features of the equipment operation before the CCPP Pancevo test run.

“We are grateful to the management of Gazprom energoholding and to our colleagues from PJSC TGC-1 and PJSC OGK-2. Thanks to their assistance, operating personnel of CCPP Pancevo underwent an internship at the existing facilities of the company in Russia, where they were given sight of advanced experience of their Russian colleagues in terms of reliable and safe operation of power equipment,” said the director of Gazprom energoholding Serbia Pavel Sergeev.

Director of Gazprom energoholding Serbia TE-TO Pancevo Alexander Varnavskiy, pointed out that Serbian technical specialists received practical knowledge, which is essential for their further work activities and were given an opportunity to acquaint with standards of corporate and work-related culture of Gazprom energoholding Group.


CCPP Pancevo with an electrical capacity of about 200 MW is the first project of Gazprom energoholding Group to be implemented outside the Russian Federation, and the first combined-cycle power plant in Serbia.

The construction project is being implemented jointly by Gazprom energoholding Group and NIS JSC Novi Sad (Gazprom neft Group). In June 2015, а Shareholder Agreement was signed providing for the establishment of a joint company Serbskaya generaciya LLC Novi Sad with a share of Gazprom energoholding Group of 51% and NIS jsc. Novi Sad of 49%. In March 2019, the joint company was renamed to Gazprom energoholding Serbia LLC.

In order to manage the implementation of the construction project and further operation of the CCPP Pancevo, a 100% subsidiary of Gazprom energoholding Serbia LLC, Gazprom energoholding Serbia TE-TO Pancevo LLC, was founded.

CCPP is envisaged to meet the growing needs of the Oil Refinery Pancevo for electricity and heat energy in the form of process steam. In addition, the CCPP Pancevo will increase the level of reliability of power supply by supplying up to 65% of the generated electricity to Serbian power system.

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